ArtWorks that Are a Must-See at Louvre Museum

Visiting one of the world’s biggest museums is rewarding and this is something you experience when in Paris. Just like its size, the collection is gigantic with about 380,000 artworks but only 35,000 works are on display. Due to the many options you have, it makes more sense to know the collections that are a must-see. Most of them are famous not only in France but also across the globe. Once here, it is easy to see why the museum is considered as one of the world’s best.

Liberty Leading the People

When visiting the Louvre Museum, you must see the unofficial painting of the country. This is the Liberty Leading the People that depicts the female in the painting leading the 1830 July Revolution. As Marianne (the name of the character on the artwork) stands, bodies can be seen on the ground. This speaks briefly about France’s civil war that went on for 40 years.

Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss

This painting depicts a classical romance between Psyche and Cupid. Cupid, a daughter of an unknown queen and king is said to have been the most beautiful girl around. Cupid, on the other hand, had love arrows and wings and she fell in love with Psyche. There are several versions of the couple in different museums across Europe. This particular painting by Antonio Canova and commissioned by Colonel John Campbell in the 18th century is one of the paintings that is a must see at the Louvre Museum.

The Raft of the Medusa

This is a unique painting all together that speaks about the wreck of Frigate Meduse, a French ship that sank in Mauritania in the 19th century. It defines Raft of the Medusa, a French Romanticism when about 151 were set adrift in a raft only for most of them to end up dead. Murder, heavy drinking, and cannibalism were practiced during the time that also saw the sailors starve. The oil painting is the work of Theodore Gericault, a French lithographer, and romantic painter.

The Mona Lisa

Who would ever miss seeing this painting? This is actually the world’s most famous artworks by Leonardo da Vinci, an Italian Renaissance artist and history has it as the highest insured painting ever. The technique that Da Vinci used to create the paint is something no one could do at that time. He was able to bring out a sense of 3D in La Gioconda. Its popularly known as La Gioconda as it is believed to be an image of Francesco del Giocondo’s wife.

The Mona Lisa is much smaller in real life than it often appears in photos.

Reasons to Purchase an Original Artwork

For the lovers of art, they clearly know what an original fine art is all about. As you plan to buy an artwork whether it’s for hanging on your office or home walls or even for gifting someone, it’s imperative that you buy original art. It may be expensive but its value cannot be compared to that of a poster art. This is a one of a kind piece of art and it’s creative in all aspects.

Original Artwork is Quality

Original artwork defines quality. Unlike the poster artworks that are produced in large quantities, original artwork is produced in limited edition. This means that its prints and texture are not affected. The artists such as Pablo Picasso and Vincent Willem van Gog have ensured a fine quality while hand-crafting the artwork.

Original Art is Inspiring

People see things in a different way and everyone has something that inspires them. Original art is inspiring. It can help you get through a tough time, it can help you do things and even help you gather courage. When you buy the artwork, it already means that you have a strong emotional connection with it and this says that it will inspire your life in a significant way.

The Painting is Unique

Since original artwork is created in small numbers, you are assured that you will have a unique painting in your space. The uniqueness of the painting means that you own a piece of heritage. Something that will mesmerize many and every day you are in that space, you appreciate its uniqueness.

Aesthetic Value

The aesthetic value of an original painting is another reason you should purchase it. The art is unique and natural which makes it standout. The aesthetic value it gives your space is attractive and will improve the overall appearance of the space.

It is an Investment

An original paint is a huge investment that you make. Despite how many owners the painting has had before, the artwork will not lose its value. In fact, the value increases with time as long as it is well taken care of.

There are many reasons why you should purchase an original artwork rather than a replicated one. Many people do not understand why they should buy expensive artwork while there are varieties of poster artworks resemble them in the market. An original fine art speaks for itself.