15 Hacks for a Small Designer Bathroom

A small bathroom comes with its share of problems — if it’s not the storage, it’s the ventilation; if it’s not comfort, it’s the safety, if it’s not the lighting, it’s the shower.

Sometimes you may just feel like starting a demolition and calling in the expert bathroom renovators. Luckily, you don’t have to. You can get more out of your tiny bathroom with these hacks

  1. Add the second shower rod in the shower to create space for other items.
  2. Fix a towel rack or bar behind the bathroom or shower door to store your towels.
  3. Add modern lighting in the bathroom to give it an elegant look. People will not even notice how small your bathroom is.
  4. Get a large mirror to give the impression of a much larger bathroom. You can as well use small square mirrors as décor.
  5. Use adhesive hooks to hang your hair tools inside the cabinet door.
  6. Store perfumes in a spice rack. You can as well store frequently used beauty products on a spinning spice rack.
  7. Use a wine rack to store hair products including hair sprays, shampoo, creams, and lotions. The wine rack can also double up as a towel holder. To saves more space, roll the towels instead of folding.
  8. Attach StickOnPods to the cabinet door and store lips sticks, nail polish, face creams, eyeliners, mascara and other small personal items.
  9. Use a magnetic strip to keep track of your pins, tweezers, hair clips and nail clippers. You can as well add a magnetic board to your bathroom wall to store your makeups.
  10. You can use a magazine holder to store hair dryer, curling iron, and flat iron. You can as well decorate the holder to give it a glamorous appeal.
  11. Hangers come in handy for holding your favorite magazine or book. You can as well add a shelf on top of the bathroom door frame to store books and magazines
  12. To maximize the counter space, add a stacked plate holder/rack.
  13. Keep your bathroom sink clean and clear.
  14. To add more space to your shower, add an extra curtain rod.
  15. Remove the drawers from the bathroom cabinets to free more space.