Some Great Topics to Write on your Art Blog

One way to promote your art as an artist is to write about it. And there no better way to do it than blogging. You can talk about your artworks in your own personal blog where viewers will know more about it. This way, they will know that you the artist are selling their work. You can post ads on your blog about selling it.

You can post there as well where they can contact you for them to personally meet and talk about the art. But the viewers aren’t just interested in your work as an art but on other things about it as well. So, here are some great topics to write about in your Art blog.

What is Your Inspiration for Creating Your Art?

Many would love to know what inspires an artist to do their job. What motivates them to create masterpieces that are loved by their patrons. The thing that drives them to make such wonderful and awesome artworks. Through this, the viewers will know more about you and your art.

What is Unique About your Art Style?

This topic focuses more on your art style. Every artist has this trademark that is created only by him. What makes yours different than the rest? This will make the visitors know more about how you came up with this style and what or who has influenced it.

What is the Medium You Usually Use?

Many viewers would be interested as to what you are using when you create your artwork. This will let them know more about your chosen medium. They might be even interested in trying it out with your help of course.


What do You do When you have Art Block?

People might also be curious as to how you manage to have an art block. An art block is when an artists’ imagination doesn’t work. His creativity is there. And it’s just normal to have this thing happen to every artist. You can tell them ways to bring back their creative juices and how to start working again.

Who are Your Mentors?

As an artist, people will want to know who has taught you to be one. Well, this is one of the topics that people might love to know. Everyone has that person that has taught them to be who they are today.

Do an Art Give Away

This way people will be motivated to get a piece of your art. Have raffles to add more fans to your blog.

Where did You Study Art?

Your viewers might be curious as well about where you have learned to paint, draw and more. This topic will help them learn about your background in the field of art.

What is your Goal in the field of Arts?

This topic will let them know more about you as well and your determination in your field. This is what makes you persevere in the world of art.

There are many topics but these are the interesting ones. Every time you give a topic, think of what the viewers will like. What are they interested in. Artists are interesting people. They are not just remarkable. They are great!